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Blown Cellulose Insulation

Blown Cellulose Insulation is a highly cost-efficient insulation material made with 85% post-consumer recycled newspaper. It is commonly used in both new construction and retrofits. It can be applied easily in horizontal, low and steep pitched slopes, including attic areas and ceilings. It is fire resistant and rodent retardant and has excellent sound proofing qualities.

Blown Cellulose Insulation

Benefits of Blown Cellulose Insulation

  • Safe and Healthy: Cellulose is made of recycled newspaper, treated with natural products, is certified low in VOCc, and has a superior resistance to fire, corrosion, humidity, insects and vermin.
  • Economical: As you save energy, you are saving money as energy costs continue to rise while your insulation remains effective and efficient in the years to come.
    You cannot afford not to have it.
  • Ultra-comfortable: Build it tight, build it right. Cellulose provides a tight building envelop for optimal control of temperature and humidity, thus obtaining natural comfort year-round.
    You will feel the difference.
  • Soundproof: Compared to other insulation products, cellulose's high density and homogeneity confer it with equal or superior qualities for sound absorption of high and low frequencies, thus offering you an unparalled acoustical comfort.
    Enjoy your tranquility
  • Eco-friendly: Cellulose is made of 85% recycled newspaper and 15% natural additives
    It is the greenest product in the industry.



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