Insulation Removal

Ensuring Health and Comfort: The Importance of Removing Damaged or Contaminated Insulation

Insulation removal is essential if it becomes damaged or contaminated due to issues like a leaky roof, animals, or smoke. This prevents health risks and maintains indoor air quality. Limited airflow or poor ventilation can lead to mold and mildew growth, compromising insulation effectiveness and safety. Removing old, contaminated, or decaying insulation is crucial for health and improves home comfort by ensuring proper air sealing. Our hassle-free assessment process efficiently determines the extent of removal needed, ensuring optimal results and preserving indoor environment integrity.

What makes insulation go bad?

Insulation can be ruined for several reasons, each affecting the effectiveness and safety of your home’s insulation system:

Do you need to remove insulation?

Our assessment process identifies the necessity and extent of insulation removal, streamlining the process to minimally impact your lifestyle, whether for critical or minor reasons.

Insulation removal is more than just a cleanup process; it demands expertise and experience to ensure it’s done correctly. Our trained professionals utilize specialized equipment to efficiently remove and safely dispose of waste insulation using an exterior disposal system. 

For batt insulation, our team meticulously detaches the material from studs or joists before rolling it up for proper disposal. 

For loose-fill or blown-in insulation, we use a specialized vacuum connected to a large bag, allowing for the safe extraction of insulation materials. This methodical approach guarantees a thorough and safe insulation removal process.

We take pride in our meticulous cleanup process, ensuring no debris is left behind and the area is restored to its original state or improved, ready for the installation of new, advanced insulation. Following the removal of old insulation, we conduct a thorough vacuuming with a HEPA-filter to eliminate any lingering particles, a critical step for preserving air quality and prepping the space for new insulation. We then inspect the area for signs of mold, mildew, or structural damage, addressing any issues to ensure a solid foundation for the new insulation. Finally, we responsibly dispose of the old insulation materials in compliance with local regulations, with special attention to safely handling any hazardous substances. This comprehensive approach guarantees the area is impeccably prepared for the next phase of enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

We provide installation services for both spray foam and fiberglass insulation in your residence. Prior to the insulation installation, we meticulously seal all gaps, cracks, or openings in walls, ceilings, or floors to enhance energy efficiency and avert potential insulation problems. After preparing the area and completing any essential repairs, we proceed to install the new insulation, strictly adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines and relevant building codes for optimal performance and safety.

Increased Energy Savings and comfort!

Insulation removal is only part of an overall job. As well as removing every last fragment of loose insulation, there’s a need to properly prepare the area for re-insulation: it may require installing a new air barrier or vapor barrier; there may be a need to properly insulation around existing pot lights. Most importantly, with the upgraded insulation service package (e.g spray foam & loosefill insulation hybrid approach) our pros make sure to seal everything tight.



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